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Born of Fire is just me, Mars, sitting at my bench & warming my hands on my kiln when there's time to play...

I love to work with glass and be inspired by wherever my imagination, or my real self, has wandered.  I love the journey and the destination isn't always the goal! 


I want to make beads & glass that people love to wear, or have around the home, that are just the thing they were looking for but hadn't quite realised it yet! 

How to find my Glass

Joining my Facebook Page is the best way to keep in touch at the moment.  I am experimenting with Facebook sales... watch this space!

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I like to explore each time I sit at the torch or make art glass. Sticking to a strict "to-do" list is not my usual approach!  

Custom orders can take a while...


I love to play with organic patterns and shapes, and for things to be a bit messy, and dark, or bright, but rarely neat!

About Born Of Fire 

Born of Fire is the glassy trading name for Mars - who started playing with glass one day and doesn't seem to be able to stop...

individual lampworked glass beads & fused Art glass for the home